8 Essential Tips for Conserving Water This Summer 

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As summer is approaching, so does the intense heat, fun-filled water activities, keeping up with watering your gardens and lawn to keep it lush, which all mean one thing – increased water usage. For eco-conscious homeowners looking to lower water bills and reduce their carbon footprint, conserving water is crucial around this time of the year. Fortunately, Lancaster Plumbing & Drain offers eight practical methods to help you reduce water usage while keeping your home and garden beautiful. 

Using a Bowl to Rinse Your Produce   

If you and your family go through fresh produce weekly, then you know how vital it is to wash them before consuming. Instead of running each and every piece of fruit or veggie underwater, try washing and then rinsing them in a large bowl or container of some sort. This method saves water but also serves as a plus since you can reuse the rinse water to hydrate your indoor plants. 

Cutting Back on Hand Washing Your Dishes   

Believe it or not, there are many people who actually enjoy handwashing their dishes. But did you know that doing so can average up to 20 gallons of water usage just by performing this daily household task? It’s safe to say it’s not the most water-efficient method. Modern, energy-efficient dishwashers typically use less water – around 4 gallons to be exact. So, if you can, opt to use your dishwasher instead. And if you need to handwash, don’t leave the tap running. You can also use basins to delegate a rinsing side and a washing side. This can greatly help to reduce your water usage. 

Planning Your Meals in Advance   

Plan ahead and thaw your frozen foods for meals ahead of time by moving them in the fridge overnight. Placing frozen food and meat under running water is unfortunately not the most water- efficient strategy. 

Being Wary of Your Laundry Habits   

  1. Wash full loads only – Instead of washing partial loads, wait until you have a full load of laundry ready to be washed to decrease water usage. 
  1. Avoid using the permanent-press setting – This setting requires an extra rinse cycle, using more water than necessary. So, unless you need to use this setting for a particular garment, try to avoid it altogether. 

Timing Your Gardening   

Don’t water your lawn and plants in the midday sun. Instead, water your plants early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce evaporation. This way, water reaches the roots where it’s needed most. 

Investing in a Pool Cover   

Do you have a pool? If you have a pool, covering it when it is not being used can greatly reduce evaporation. Not to mention, doing so also keeps it clean, and cuts down on the need to add more chemicals. 

Using Mulch on Your Garden Beds   

If you have garden beds, try applying an extra layer of mulch more heavily than you normally would. This not only helps to control weeds but also keeps the soil moist and watered, reducing the need for frequent watering. 

By following these tips, you can greatly reduce your water use this summer. Saving water isn’t just good for the environment; it also helps you save money. With these water-saving tips, you can enjoy your garden and home, knowing you’re making a positive impact on the environment. 

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