As you welcome the fall season, it’s almost likely that your list of things to do is continually growing. Now whether that be a list for fun fall festivities you want to complete with your family, or perhaps it is a number of thin things you’ve just been meaning to get done, you don’t want to forget about your plumbing in the process. It’s no secret that Ohio winters can get rather……well, cold. So, in order to prevent an unfortunate event from happening with your plumbing in the middle of winter, your local plumbing professionals suggest homeowners utilize the optimal fall weather now and get their home and plumbing ready for the even colder weather that most assuredly is making its way closer to us as each day passes. So, please pull up a seat and join the Lancaster Plumbing & Drain family as we discuss a few important items you can cross off your fall plumbing maintenance checklist!  


To keep your water heater in tip-top shape, preventative maintenance is required. First, your water heater should be inspected for excessive wear, corrosion, signs of leaking, and temperature settings. Typically, a water heater must have a maintenance check done by a licensed professional at least once a year. Having this done will ensure everything is up to par, and no one will get scalded with an overly hot bath or hit with an ice-cold water stream in the middle of a shower.  


Secondly, you should walk around your home and quickly inspect all your faucets and sinks. Of course, this applies to outdoor fixtures as well! It’s imperative that leaks or water droplets from any faucets are not left unattended. Although it may seem like a minor issue, smaller problems like these can manifest into a more significant problem later on – more specifically in the dead of winter – which, frankly, if this happened, would be completely untimely and much more complicated for a plumber to assess as frozen water can be a real issue in the colder months.  


Next, let’s talk about pipes and plumbing fixtures. If you have an unheated basement, garage, or even a crawl space, you likely have exposed pipes or plumbing fixtures. This means that they are visible and “out in the open.” Keep in mind that this isn’t bad, but it’s essential to understand the magnitude of Ohio’s frigid winters. When temperatures extremely drop or a cold front passes through, especially on cold nights, pipes and plumbing fixtures can be prone to freezing and bursting due to the frozen and expanded water within. Fortunately, pipe insulation kits are readily available at most home improvement stores!  


Don’t sleep on those gutters! In other words, don’t forget about them. Cleaning out your gutters at least once during the fall season is super beneficial due to all the foliage and outdoor loose particles that can build inside your gutters and drain this time of the year. When gutters are left unchecked, they build up a dam-like pile of icky muck and sludge that will prevent your gutters from doing their job and result in an unseemly stench, as well as result in overflowing gutters. So, take our word for it and set aside time to either take on the task of clearing out your gutters by yourself or having them professionally cleaned.  


Sometimes, undesirable situations arise no matter how much we plan ahead. Life happens. Nature runs its course, and it can affect your plumbing work on rare occasions. But the BEST form of preventative maintenance you can practice as a homeowner is to keep up with your yearly inspections. When you book your yearly plumbing inspection with a licensed plumber like Lancaster Plumbing & Drain, your home and plumbing will be thoroughly inspected to confirm everything is running as it should be and that your plumbing work will be set up to endure and operate through a successful winter season.   

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